Adrian McKee

Adrian has spend many years in the IT Services related fields. His experience starts as a bench techician and progresses to Operations Manager for AT&T and now Lead Tech for AITC.
  • Field Service duties included installation and troubleshooting network issues, hardware and configuration on customer locations. Types of services, networks and equipment included Cisco & Juniper routers and switches, T1/DS1 ckts, DS3 ckts. & Mux’s, WiFi Networks, AP’s, completing heat map surveys, VOIP installations, pre-installation site surveys, PC and Server installation, repair and troubleshooting. 
  • Tech Support duties included working over the phone with technicians instructing them about the job requirements, answering questions regarding how to do the job.  Going over pictures and other documentation to insure the jobs were completed.  Closing out the technician when they were done with the job. Completing work orders in online database system (M4 & M5). 
  • Installation and maintenance of customer WANS, including Frame Relay and ATM, maintaining AADS Frame Relay Network by working on Ascend Frame Relay Switch, and Fujitsu Fiber MUXs.  Customer equipment includes routers and switches from Nortel Networks and Cisco. Familiar protocols are: RIP1, RIP2, DLSw, OSPF, TCP/IP, IP, IPX, SNA, ATM, EIGRP, RIP/SAP, and BGP.  Have experience using Fame Relay test sets, and data sniffers for trouble isolation and resolution.
  • Installation and maintenance of analog voice and data channels, digital data channels, DS0, DS1, DS3, Fiber MUXs (Fujitsu FLM 150 and Nortel Networks DMT 300) and performing telephone cable repairs, aerial and buried, performed PC and printer installation and maintenance in the telephone business offices and telephone central offices.  
  • Maintenance on remote access test system called SARTS for testing special service channels remotely in the telephone central offices, and administration over this system.  Maintained UNIX minicomputers, Unisys 7000 and AT&T 3B20 including disk drives, and tape drives, performed component level bench repair of electronic circuit boards, used Oscilloscope, Digital Analyzer, and VOM.  Also created software programs in UNIX for trouble isolation and exercising of hardware equipment.
  • Installed and maintained analog data channels and digital data channels.  T1 circuits, Teletype Model 40 equipment, Teletype Model 43, 35 and 28 terminals.  Maintained various analog modems and used data breakout boxes and data analyzers for trouble isolation and resolution.
  • Installed and maintained home telephones and telephone lines.
  • Duties included shipping and receiving, building personal computer systems for shipment to customer sites, troubleshooting equipment brought in for repair